Suwałki Subzone investment grounds

Tereny inwestycyjne Podstrefy Suwałki

Suwałki Sub-zone investment grounds

In the Suwalki Sub-zone Suwalska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A. offers investment grounds with a total surface of over 17,8487 hectares. The grounds are prepared for conducting business activities, have a complete technical infrastructure and a valid spatial development plan.


Surface of Suwalki Sub-Zone:

• 179,3020 ha

Areas available for investments:

•17,8487 hectares

Number of companies:
• 39

• 3 318

Capital expenditures:
• 1 billion 541 million zlotys

Plots for sale

plots owned by the SSSE S.A.

plots owned by the City of Suwałki