Subzone Grajewo

Subzone Grajewo

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The Grajewo Subzone is comprised of two locations situated in the city’s industrial district, in the vicinity of State roads No. 61 and 65.

The first area, encompassing more than 10 hectares, has been the home of PFLEIDERER MDF Sp. z o.o., a manufacturing company - a daughter company of Pfleiderer Grajewo S.A.

The second location is an area belonging to the city of Grajewo that enjoys the benefits of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone. It is intended for sale. The area features full technical infrastructure and has been designated for industrial development in accordance with the city’s land use plan.

 •Area of the Grajewo Subzone: 20, 2437 hectares

 •Areas available for investments: 9, 3094 hectares

 •Number of companies: 1

 •Employment: 174 persons

 •Investments made: 393 million zlotys


Plots for sale