Subzone Augustów

Augustów Sub-zone

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The area of Suwałki Special Economic Zone is located in the north-western part of the city, between the national roads DK 61 (direction: Warsaw) and DK 8 (direction: Białystok), and from 2020 it will be connected with the international express road E67 through the Raczki junction (20 km from the city). The investment area was equipped in 2017 with the necessary technical infrastructure and internal roads, thanks to the financing of the Regional Operational Programme for Podlaskie Voivodeship.
In accordance with the local zoning strategy for Augustów, the investment plots are intended for warehousing and industrial purposes, including production plants, workshops, bases, wholesalers, construction companies, other bases and warehouse facilities.
Augustów offers benefits to investors thanks to a number of tax exemptions which are part of the de minimis aid, such as the property tax exemption for new companies and the property tax exemption for newly constructed buildings.
Augustów gives investors the opportunity to work with employment agencies to support companies in recruiting the most qualified workers.


Area of the Augustów Subzone: 13,3848 hectares
Areas available for investments: 10,1539 hectares
Number of companies: 4
Investments:1 million 543 thousand zlotys
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