Białystok Subzone investment grounds


Białystok Sub-zone 

The owner of real properties located within the Suwałki Special Economic Zone borders is the city of Białystok. This area, situated in the Krywlany and Dojlidy districts, is intended for the development of manufacturing and service infrastructure along with auxiliary infrastructure and structures as well as arranged green spaces. Most plots offered in the Subzone feature technical infrastructure, while remaining plots are still in development.
The Subzone has been an investment destination of both Polish and foreign enterprises. Future investors will be able to find business partners from the printing, metal and machine industry.

•Area of the Białystok Subzone: 94,2779 hectares
•Areas available for investments: 50,3839 hectares
•Number of companies: 16
•Investments: 633 million zlotys

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