Investment conditions


Attractive location
Location of the SSEZ in direct neighbourhood with the borders with Russia, Lithuania and Belarus, in the region performing a function of a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe offers to entrepreneurs invaluable possibilities to enter absorptive eastern markets. Our grounds are located in the region where costs of living belong to the lowest in Poland, in a place attractive from a tourist point of view and with the cleanest environment in Europe.

Qualified workforce
In conducting their business activities entrepreneurs can take advantage of young, well-educated employees. Costs of labour are among the lowest in the country. Proper professional background is ensured by higher, secondary and vocational schools.

Friendly local authorities
Development of entrepreneurship is of a highest importance to local authorities. Local administration institutions create an investor friendly atmosphere.

Industrial area ready for a quick start-up of business activities
The grounds for sale are equipped with complete technical infrastructure, and sold with the right of ownership. Competitive prices are subject to negotiations. Plots are adjusted to investors' requirements. Territory of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone has valid spatial development plans.

A number of cooperation opportunities and a developed business supporting infrastructure
The Suwałki Special Economic Zone is populated with open to cooperation companies operating in a number of sectors. In the region there are several banks, insurance companies, legal and financial consulting offices, etc. One of the strengths of the region consists in developed tourists facilities. Presence of science and technology parks in Suwałki, Ełk and Białystok offers additional possibilities.

Professional and thoughtful investor service
Employees of the SSSE S.A. provide entrepreneurs with complex and professional assistance at every stage of execution of their undertaking.

 The investment areas located in the aforementioned 19 subzones constitute the investment offer of SSSE S.A. These are plots of land prepared for a rapid investment process, having current local spatial development plans and, in majority, are equipped with the necessary technical infrastructure. An investor, by purchasing land located within the former economic zone, may apply for the decision on the support of new investment. Notwithstanding the applicable maximum public intensity in a given region, such a decision is issued for a period of 15 years. We would like to encourage you to get yourself familiarized with the detailed offer of the investment areas of Suwałki Special Economic Zone S.A

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