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Regulations of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone

The present regulations for the area of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone are issued on the basis of Article 10 point 2 of the Act of 20th October 1994 on special economic zones (OJ.L. no 123 item 600, as amended).

General Provisions


The Regulations determine the procedures for administration of the Suwałki Special Economic Zone, hereinafter referred to as "the Zone" by Suwalska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A., hereinafter referred to as "the Administrator".

Rights and obligations of the Administrator


1. The Administrator is entitled to:

carry out tenders or negotiations in order to select entrepreneurs who will be granted permits to conduct business activities,

grant, on behalf of a proper ministry of economy, permits to conduct business activities in the Zone and carry out ongoing control of activities of entrepreneurs granted permits under the regulation of the Ministry of Economy of 13th June 2001 on giving Suwalska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A. the power to grant permits for conducting business activities and perform ongoing control of entrepreneurs' activities in the Suwałki Special Economic Zone as well as to determine the scope of the control (OJ. L No 67 item 704).

prepare for a proper ministry of economy opinions on withdrawal or amendment of a permit granted to a given entrepreneur,

collect information concerning entrepreneurs conducting activities in the Zone.

2. Under separate agreements the Administrator can carry out tenders for sale, lease or giving in perpetual usufruct real estate located within the Zone that is not Administrator's property. The Administrator is entitled to charge commission on these activities.


Collection of information as specified in § 2 point 1 letter d is in particular aimed at:

location of entrepreneurs in the Zone,

keeping and updating the data relating to the grounds ( surface of plots, plot numbers),

creation of databases concerning entrepreneurs operating in the Zone.


The Administrator determines directions for development of the Zone on the basis of regulation of the Ministry of Economy of 14th February 1997 on spatial development plan for the Suwalki Special Economic Zone (OJ. L. No 17, item 92, of 2005 No 81, item 712 and No 182, item 1531) and the information stipulated in § 3.

Utilisation of facilities and other elements of infrastructure


1. Entrepreneurs have access to facilities such as electric power, water, telephone services and to sewage system as well as to other elements of the infrastructure under the conditions stipulated in agreements with suppliers.

Agreements for obtaining access to infrastructure elements described in point 1 above can be subject to a necessity to construct an adequate infrastructure.

Costs of construction of connections to the infrastructure are borne by entrepreneurs concerned unless otherwise specified in an agreement between the supplier and the entrepreneur.


The investor will present the concept for spatial development of the grounds, including architectonic designs of buildings in which business activities will be conducted to the Administrator for his approval.

Protection of natural environment and territory of the Zone


1. The Administrator has the right to issue opinions on requests for decision on allowed emission of pollution to the atmosphere submitted by entrepreneurs to state administration bodies.

2. Entrepreneur conducting activities in the Zone obtaining decision of state administration body on acceptable emission of pollution to atmosphere is obliged to communicate the decision to the Administrator.


1. Each owner, holder of perpetual usufruct or occupier of grounds within the Zone equipped with: roads, yards, footpaths and lawns is held responsible for keeping them in good condition.

An entrepreneur conducting activities in the Zone can, under Administrator's consent, use neighbouring real property belonging to the Administrator and intended for car parks, lawns etc., under conditions set forth in an agreement.

Protection and securing of premises used by entrepreneurs acting in the Zone is their obligation.


In case of termination of an agreement for lease or perpetual usufruct of the grounds located within the territory of the Zone an entrepreneur closing business activities in the Zone is obliged to redress damages resulting from his activities and to recultivate the ground within the scope stipulated in separate regulations.

Costs related to administration


Entrepreneurs in possession of real property located in the Zone are obliged to participate in costs borne by the Administrator and by the subjects with whom the Administrator ordered services related to administrating the Zone.

The rules for participation in costs stipulated in point 1 above are determined by the Administrator in consideration of: the size of grounds occupied by an entrepreneur, heaviness of commodity traffic, entrepreneur's turnover, and are presented in specification of tendering or negotiating conditions specified in § 5 point 1 of the regulation of the Ministry of Labour of 15th November 2004 on tenders and negotiations and assessment criteria applicable to intended economic undertakings to be carried out by entrepreneurs in the Suwałki Special Economic Zone (OJ L No 254 item 2548).


Costs relating to administration of the Zone include in particular:

performance of information services, servicing the web-page, creation of databases,

promotion of entrepreneurs conducting activities in the Zone at the fairs the Administrator takes part in, publications and advertising materials prepared by the Administrator,

providing entrepreneurs with information necessary to proper performance of obligations stipulated in granted permits to conduct business activities in the Zone,

keeping Zone's infrastructure in a proper technical condition including roads and water and sewage systems,

e) other activities resulting from general administration of the Zone.


The costs stipulated in § 11 do not include the costs of professional evaluations, analyses and valuations generated in relation to entrepreneurs' individual requirements.


Receivables under the costs stipulated in § 11 are collected on a monthly basis under a separate agreement.






Registered office

ul. Noniewicza 49
16-400 Suwałki
tel.: (+48 87) 565 22 17

Office in Ełk

ul. Mickiewicza 15
19-300 Ełk
tel.: (+48 87) 610 62 72

Registered office

ul. Noniewicza 49
16-400 Suwałki
tel.: (+48 87) 565 22 17

Office in Ełk

ul. Mickiewicza 15
19-300 Ełk
tel.: (+48 87) 610 62 72